Centre County Industrial Development Corporation

The Centre County Industrial Development Corporation’s (CCIDC) mission is to promote economic development throughout Centre County with the ultimate goal of attracting and retaining family-sustaining jobs. Through various program activities CCIDC supports the expansion, health and well-being of existing Centre County businesses as well as new business attraction. As a non-profit, non-partisan organization, the CCIDC is a vehicle to unite and coordinate economic development initiatives of both the public and private sectors.

In addition to various loan programs and financing assistance, the CCIDC offers space at two business incubators. Pennsylvania firms can obtain start-up assistance including the use of offices and specialized laboratory facilities.

Featured Commercial Real Estate Listing


East College Avenue
State College, PA

Square Footage:5,350 Contact: Mick Trombley

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526 E. Rolling Ridge Dr.
Bellefonte, PA 

Square Footage:47,000                                            Contact: Scott Yocum

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How to Promote Your Business Using Insured Prizes

Today's marketing strategies have never been more dependent on technology and, of course, social media. With social media constantly reinventing itself and turning into a catalyst for all things trendy, it's no wonder why all businesses, no matter how big or small they may be, turn to the channel to amplify their different promotions. As we all have come to know, social media plays a huge role in the growth of any business. With the rising influence of social media across the globe, not just for the people of today's generation but also for the previous, it would be a waste not to reach out to a wider audience using the channel.

One way of making a name for yourself in the online world for a much larger audience to see is by holding insured prize promotions. This marketing strategy is great for businesses with not much marketing budget to start with. Even with a strict budget, an insured prize promotion can offer huge prizes that your current audience may find appealing.

An insured prize promotion is a great way to amplify your marketing efforts and spread the word about your promotion a lot quicker. Now, you may have probably encountered this type of promotion before as it is very common.

An insured prize promotion or contest insurance can definitely draw in more customers as operations start to run. The rules to these types of promotions often have loopholes, so be very careful in choosing your words. The only expense you're putting out there would be the production of recommended media, a social media boost in target reach, and of course, the insured prize you're going to hand out.

With insured prize promotions, you can offer great and meaningful prizes without breaking the bank. One of the leaders in marketing strategies have turned to these techniques to gain better results at his business's marketing efforts, which everyone knows isn't just a walk in the park.

Whatever the mechanics of your insured prize promotion are, it is always a good idea to go straightforward. It's important that your visitors can understand these mechanics, and so encourage them to play the promotion. If the rules are too difficult to achieve, you might not be able to gain as much traction as you've originally desired/impeding future spread and promotion influence. But at the end of the day, it's not the technique that matters the most. It's how you maximize the tactic to your full advantage.

Centre County Industrial Development Corporation